Hello there! 

I'm Tiina Söderholm and Studio Fenkoli is my brand for my photography, based in Porvoo, Finland.

I mainly shoot travel and product/commercial photography.
As secondary genres I do a lot portrait, pet and children photography also.

I love to travel and photographing the world. When I'm not traveling I keep my focus always refining my skills in product/commercial photography in my studio while I can't be on other continent or country.

I do photography as side business for now, wishing to make it full time business as soon as possible!

I'm super openminded and flexible person. I wish to get know my customers little before shoot them or for them. That way I can make their ideas come true in my photography with touch of my signature look.

My mission is to create that perfect rhytm of light and shadows in my photography, to make those beautiful photos to pop.

For me quality is more important than quantity, meaning that I like to make couple extraordinary photographs instead of a lot of mediocre ones.

Contact me and let your ideas to spark into reality with my photography!

Email me to StudioFenkoli@gmail.com 
or just use contact form below:
Thank you!
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